Molnár Judit

Owner Siker-nő Ltd. ,
UK-Central Europe Business Summit™ Event Manager

My name is Judit Molnar Owner of Successful-Woman Ltd. and Event Manager for UK-Central Europe Business Summit™ 


I was born in Győr, which is situated halfway between Budapest and Vienna.  At the age of 22 after getting my degree I moved to Budapest and have worked here ever since 

I live with my daughter in the beautiful capital of Hungary and feel so lucky because my home is in a green district with a beautiful view from my balcony of the whole city centreBeing in the Green zone its as if my flat was in the countryside, but in 20 minutes I can be in the city centre to view our beautiful Chain Bridge and the River Danube. 

In 2004 I started to work as a marketing expert in the Retail Marketing Department for the Hungarian Oil CompanyMOL and after 2 years I became the Regional Sales and Advertising Manager with a team of employees and contacts in Romania, Slovakia and Austria.  

It was a great opportunity for me to build my international network and learn more about working environments and people across international borders. I regularly organized quarterly Summit Regional Meetings for 30-40 people, to inform every colleague and leader where we were at  and how we could use our synergies in the region. 

Later, in 2007, I started to work for TESCO, which is one of the biggest retailers in Hungary. I worked as a Media Sales Manager, and here my direct leaders and mentors were English. Therefore, I learned a lot about the English working style and of course, I had to share my ideas with my Central – European Colleagues because Hungary was in the EMEA market together with Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland where we worked together in synergies olots of collaborative projects. At TESCO, I established a strong FMCG multinational network, because I had to work with almost all of the big producers such as Coca-Cola and Unilever. 

I founded my first company in 2011 and since then I have been working as a mentor and business development manager. I help mainly female entrepreneurs develop multinational brands using  my background and network as a big advantage. To strengthen my international experience I work with an innovative Hungarian start up as a business development and sales manager, where my task is to develop international projects on several markets all over the world. 

It is a great opportunity in my career to be the Event Manager of the UK-Central Europe Business Summit and I shall be striving to organize a successful event for our Summit guests in October.  

I look forward to meeting you in Budapest in October!


+36 30 348 4620